Confidentiality-related Documents

ACN GLOBAL promises to respect the confidentiality of all information obtained from clients to prevent disclosure to third parties. To formally recognize this, we have prepared two types of confidentiality-related documents: gConfidentiality Pledgeh and gNondisclosure Agreement.h

Confidentiality Pledge

This is a one-way expression of our affirmation to protect client confidentiality and is formalized with our company seal and the signature (or name stamp) of our representative. This document is kept by the client.

Nondisclosure Agreement

This is a two-way contract into which both ACN and the client enter by way of affixing their seals. Two copies are prepared with each signing party keeping one copy. Two copies are sent by mail, with a tax revenue stamp affixed and stamped with company seal. Clients stamp both documents with their seal and return one copy to ACN. At your request, our Confidentiality Pledge or Nondisclosure Agreement will be mailed to you after receiving a confirmed order. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your confidentiality concerns.

Company Information

Infoseas Japan, Inc.